Leon and Helen Ransom Family

This is the family page of the Leon and Helen Ransom family, currently residing in Georgia.

Idaho Falls Idaho LDS TempleWe were married on the seventeenth of December 1971 in the LDS temple in Idaho Falls Idaho. During the course of the past 30-something years we have lived in quite a few places in the western US of A. We started out in Orem, Utah while I was enrolled at BYU. After leaving school we lived in Las Vegas Nevada, Santa Monica California, Pocatello Idaho, Phoenix Arizona, Pahrump Nevada, Grantsville Utah, West Valley City Utah, a few places in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, and the Atlanta area of Georgia. (not necessarily in that order). We spent most of our married life following my/our dreams with the airline industry, first with Western Airlines and then with Delta Airlines. Helen had several careers during this time, and gave them up for me and my dreams in the aviation business. Many of them did not bear fruition, but the important ones did.

We were blessed with seven children during the time of our travels: Sean, born in Boulder City Nevada; Andy, born in Pocatello, Idaho; Renée, born in Phoenix Arizona; Sharon, Jim, Tony, and Emma, all born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our children have brought us much joy and happiness along with some sadness at times. Most of them are still strong in the church, and we are holding hope for the others.

Five of our children are now married and starting lives and families of their own.

Andy was married to a really great lady in July of 1995 by her grandfather, who was a minister. They were married in the Cedar Hill, Texas. Cindy had two really swell young girls from a previous marriage. Lindsey and Leslie really took to having another set of grandparents and a set of aunts and uncles that thought they were fun to have around.

Sean was married in the Las Vegas temple in August of 1999 to a lovely young lady he met while at BYU Hawaii. We are really happy they were able to get together and start a life as a couple. It was really great for Elena's mother to be able to come from Kiev, Ukraine to Las Vegas to participate in the wedding. Meeting Tatiana gave us the warm feeling that Sean was getting a really special lady from a really special family.

Tony was married to a sweet young lady in June of 2002 by our bishop in our church in Denton, Texas. Cathy is a great addition to the family and we are glad to have her part of it. Hopefully soon her diploma from acting school will pay off and we will be able to see her name in lights.

Sharon was married to a great guy in June of 2003 in the Laie, Hawaii LDS Temple. Ioelu brings some polynesian culture to the family. Hopefully some of it will rub off on the rest of us.

Jimmy was married to a lovely young lady he met at EFY one year in Georgia. They tied the knot in the Memphis LDS Temple in June of 2005. We are all proud of April, and are happy to welcome her and her extended family.

Each of the children-in-law bring something different, yet something special to the Ransom family. They are all really great people and we are proud to have them a part of us.

More information on the kids can be found on their own pages in this site.

I have been retired from Delta Airlines since the end of November, 1994, and we are now following Helen's career. She is a Logistics Controller for a major electronics firm. Her company asked her to relocate to the Atlanta area of Georgia to be closer to the main office of the client she is assigned to, so it is time to move again to follow her career. I feel it is the least I can do. We like Georgia. The people are nice, the weather is good and there are lots of trees and some of what they call mountains. They are not what those from the Western US think of as mountains, but they are pretty and green, and some of them are quite rugged.

Not far from where we live is the start of the famous Apalacian Trail. If one were so inclined, one could walk all the way from North Georgia to Maine along the forests and ridges. I can't figure why, in this day of rapid transit, one would like to walk that distance, but I guess some are into it. At the start of the trail is a very beautiful park, complete with a waterfall. Also, not far from there is Dahlonega, Georgia, where gold was first discovered in the United States. (And I thought it was discovered first in the Black Hills.)

Helen wanted a house with a big yard outside of town. I was more interested in a condo. We looked on the outskirts of town, but after Helen made the drive for a couple of days, we elected to get a condo close to her office. There are just a few main roads through the metropolitan area, and the drive of about 10 miles takes upwards of two hours during rush hour. That was a little more than she was willing to do.

(September 2004) We had the opportunity to go back to Hawaii for the birth of Sharon's baby. It was a good time to be there, with the weather beautiful and the island not overly crowded with tourists. Georgia was at the time getting the residue of the hurricanes that struck the eastern USA. The baby, due on the 21st of September must have been operating on 'Hawaiian time' and did not make her appearance into the world until the 29th. That meant we had to sacrifice and extend our time in 'paradise' for another week. Fortunately, Helen was able to connect with her office via computer, and work from the BYU-Hawaii campus, so she did not lose any work days or have to use any vacation time.

While we were staying with Sharon and Ioelu, we were privileged to meet quite a few of their Polynesian friends and relatives. Even though it was hard coming back to the mainland USA and leaving the kids there, we had a feeling that they were in good hands, for they were among friends who would take care of them for us. It was so nice to have a grandbaby to spoil. Andy's girls are getting too big for spoiling, and are growing up to be very special young ladies. Andy and Cindy should be proud of them.

(Nov 2004) Helen has been inducted into training for a new computer system for her company. That entails quite a bit of travel. Sometimes I am able to go along for the ride, so we get to travel quite a bit. Most of the travel to this point has been for Helen to be trained in Dallas. That means we get to see quite often those kids who stayed in that area. It seems we see them more now than when we all lived in the same area. After Helen finishes her training, she will be going all over the country teaching others how to do what they need to do. (At least that is what the plans are at present.) Things change, however. Sometimes it seems that they change daily, or even several times a day.

(January 2005) We finally got the Smoky Mountain vacation we had been trying to get since we got to Georgia. We went up to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to see the Christmas at Dollywood shows. Unfortunately, we got there a day too late. We did not realize that they closed for the season on December 30. We wanted to do it on New Year's Eve. Anyway we were with Jim, April (Jim's fiancèe), and Cheryl (April's mother). It was really a great vacation. We spent New Year's Eve in Gatlinburg, Tennessee and saw their New Year's Eve show. It was quite a good show. Gatlinburg is a tourist center, and they did it up well, with a ball drop and a great fireworks show. Then on New Year's Day we drove back through the Smoky Mountains and had a beautiful ride. I would recommend that drive to anyone not in a big hurry to get somewhere. The scenery is beautiful, but the drive is slow. It is a 2-lane mountain highway with a slow speed limit that sometimes seems a bit high.

Now Mom is back in Dallas for a while (somewhere around 3 months), but I have some duties that need to be done in Georgia, so I don't get to spend the whole time with her. And I think I will take the opportunity to go back to paradise for a while, and see what can be done about spoiling a baby girl a little more.

(February 2005) I did it. It got cold in Georgia, and I heard a little girl calling for Grandpa, so I spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii with Sharon, Ioelu and Krisalyn. It was a great time. The weather was good, although it is the rainy season. Well, it did get a little chilly there. Some nights I actually had to put a sheet over me to sleep, it was so cold. I did not make it to the beach, though. It was surfer weather, and the waves were too too high for me to feel comfortable out there in it. Some of the breakers were in the 8-10 foot range, or so it appeared. The news was talking about 10-15 foot, but I never got to see any of those. Anyway it's not my idea of fun to be on the beach in the rain. Beaches are for sunshine. I did get some good pictures. Some of them include Sharon and Ioelu, and some have Ioelu in his working clothes. Some of the better ones are on this site. Check them out

I did get to see a couple of shows that Ioelu was doing, though. One of them at the PCC and a couple that a group he is with was doing for other places. Ioelu thought I was not having much fun until I told him that the whole purpose of the trip was to see Krisalyn and Sharon and him. I had already seen most of the tourist spots I wanted to see on the island of Oahu, so I was fine. At that time he quit trying so hard to be a tour guide, and just let me enjoy being there with them. It's nice to be home, though, even though it is still cold and rainy in Atlanta. Our temperatures are in the 50's in the daytime, and generally the high 30's or low 40's at night. I do need more than a sheet to be able to sleep. It is a change...Hawaii was down into the low 60's on the cold nights.

(April 2005) We got to go to Rexburg, Idaho on the 23rd of April to see the graduation of Emma from BYU-Idaho (formerly known as Ricks College). It was a fun trip, and Emma is glad to be finished with that part of the rat race. Now to bigger and better things. Click here to see some of the graduation pictures.

Now it's getting Jimmy married and moved to Memphis. I guess I get to see some more of the US of A while I am helping him get his stuff transported. He asked for Dad's help, so Dad said he would help to make the trip.

(June 2005) Jimmy really did it!! He was married to a very sweet young lady on the 4th of June in the year 2005 in the LDS Temple in Memphis, Tennessee. For those keeping track for genealogy purposes, it is in Shelby county. It was great to meet some of her family, and I believe it will be great to have them part of the Ransom family. We welcome them with open arms. Click here to see some of the wedding pictures. Enjoy them and celebrate with us.

Jim and April will be living in Memphis for a while while they complete their college life, then, well, who knows. Could be anywhere.

(October 2005) What a trip!!! We got to go help Krisalyn celebrate her first birthday. It was great!!! The first birthday is a big celebration in Polynesia. I think is is a great custom. We should take more stock of what they do and copy them more. But that is only the opinion of me. Come see some of the birthday pictures.

We also got to do some of the things we wanted to do in Hawaii, but never had the time before on the other trips. I guess we just can't do them all in a short time. We got to see Waimea Falls on this trip. It was very much worth the hike (about 1/2 mile) to see. The falls themselves were not very spectacular, but the scenery and the history on the trail made it very much worth the trip. We also got to tour the Bishop Museum. What a great historical landmark. I would recommend it to everyone. We had a first, though. It was the first time we went to Hawaii and did not go to the PCC. We did get to do a luau, though. It was at the Ko Olina Resort. Not as good as the luau at PCC, but pretty good anyway. Now we're back in Atlanta and things are getting pretty much back to normal. Looks like no more excitement until the Christmas holidays. Maybe Thanksgiving will have some happenings. Just have to wait and see, I guess.

(February 2006) We finally made it to New Jersey to see Sean and Elena and their family. It was great to see Tatiana again, and spend some time with her. And Kate is very precious. It was really great to be part of life starting again, and to see the trust and innocence manifest in new babies.

We were able to get out of Atlanta on Friday morning so we could spend the weekend with them. We left to come home on Monday afternoon, so it was a long weekend. We got to spend lots of time getting to know our baby granddaughter, and letting her know she really does have a grandma and grandpa. Here are some pictures of Kate that we took over the weekend

(April 2006) We spent most of the month of April in Hawaii with Sharon and Ioelu and their family. We wanted to be there for Sharon on the birth of her baby on the 12th of the month. It was good we went early, as the baby was born on the 7th instead of waiting. To see some pictures of Kyra, click here. It was good being there again. We got back to Atlanta in time for Helen to go traveling again with her company. She spent a week home, then the next week in Dallas, Texas. From there it was a week in Seattle, then back to Dallas for another week. I guess that's what you get when you are one of the instructors in the computer systems.

It will be good to have her home again when it settles down. Maybe I can talk her into taking a few days off to rest and relax. Some of the people in her training classes suggested that she should. I guess she is looking pretty worn out after all this. She enjoys the travelling, but sometimes it is tiring.

(July 2006) We finally got Helen to give it up and take a break. We got a chance to take the inside passage cruise from Vancouver, BC up to Seward, Alaska. Then we had the choice of a 4 and a half hour bus ride or an 6 hour train ride to Anchorage. Helen had never taken a real train ride before, so we opted for the train. It was a new experience for her, and she enjoyed it immensely.

It was really a nice trip and we enjoyed it a lot. Helen took about half of it to realize she was having fun and not working, but that goes with the territory, I guess. We did get to spend and old-fashioned 4th of July in Skagway, Alaska. It was fun doing all the things we did when we were kids. And it was great knowing that it has not been lost to hustle and bustle of the big cities.

Then we were able to go back to Idaho for the Ransom family reunion, and spend about a week with Ren and Elma. During that time, we took a day out to drive to Jackson Hole (Helen had never seen it), and had a good leisurely day in the great outdoors. We had good weather on all the travels, so it was especially great. Then back to the grind, but a little less stressed (hopefully).

(January 2007) Well, the best laid plans... We were planning to have a quiet Christmas holiday this year, with all the kids doing their own thing. We were to have only Emma with us. And with all her friends, we thought she would be doing things with them, so it would be relatively quite. Then, Emma decided to go the the Temple on the 19th of December. Of course, she had to invite all her siblings. The only one able to make it was Sharon, so we got tickets for Sharon and Ioelu and their two daughters and brought them to Atlanta for Christmas.

The only problem encountered was with scheduling. When you are in the live entertainment field, you need to work when the people want to be entertained. So Ioelu had to work most of the season, so he was able to be here only a few days, (21-26 of December), but Sharon and Krisalyn and Kyra were able to come in on the 16th and stay for a while. From the looks of flights, it may be a while longer.

Anyway, it was scramble to get Christmas for little ones again. It was loads of fun, and it was (is) really great having the two babies and their mother with us. If we could we would keep them for a while, but I am afraid Ioelu would get together a Samoan war party and come to rescue his family. So we better send (or even better take) them home as soon as the flights become available again.

(April 2007) We got to take a lovely trip to Hawaii again for Kyra's first birthday celebration. Space on the flights was limited, but with two adults it was possible to make it. We thought for a while we would have to split up, but in the end there were seats enough for both of us.

As luck would have it, Kyra's birthday was over the Easter weekend this year. We included with her party an easter egg hunt. Then Sean did some magic tricks for all the kids that were there. After that, we had a piñata for the kids to break. All of us were kids, and we all enjoyed the party.

Mom and Dad got to spend almost a week. And, of course, we could not go without spending some time with Sean and Elena and Kate. We got a chance to baby-sit with her for an evening. It was great to see her and spend some time with her again.

(May 2007) We have been doing some light traveling and visiting some of the kids this month. At the first of the month, we spent the weekend with Emma, and got to see some of the historical sights in and around Washington DC. It was a great weekend we had and a nice road trip. It's about a 10 hour drive from Atlanta to DC. With the flight benefits, we do not take very many road trips. It's usually less expensive to fly and rent a car.

Then, after being home for one weekend, we took some time to spend Mother's Day weekend with Renée. She has just moved into a new place, and we were excited to see what it looked like. She is by her self now, so she doesn't have any more roommate problems. She has a cute little house, with two bedrooms so she will have room for studying away from the living room and a place for guests when some of us go visit again.

(June 2007)We have been gone quite a bit this summer. In the first part of June, Helen had to go to Dallas for a job assignment, and we took the next Monday for the wedding of one of Tony's friends, who also became a good friend of the family. It was a good time and a fun wedding at the Dallas Arboretum. I recommend it to anyone who gets a chance to go.

Then on the 9th of June Helen was sent for a week by her company to Helsinki, Finland. She had to go without me (sob, sniff), but she did have a good time and took quite a few pictures. Come on in and take a look. Then on the last weekend of June we are scheduled to go to Rochester, New York, to visit with Helen's uncle. Hopefully the flights will have space for us and we can get some information on her genealogy.

When we took an extended vacation last year (about 3 weeks), we decided this year would be more weekend trips "more like mini vacations". That started out wonderful, but then a good friend of ours decided to get married this summer and invited us to the wedding in his home town of Bucharest, Romania. It looks like we will be spending about a week there seeing some of the sight of Europe.

(September 2007) I am finally getting caught up (sort of), and bringing the family information up to date. We did get to do a week in Romania, first going to the wedding of our good friends Ovidiu and Mickey. Then we spent a week touring the beautiful country. We got to get over to, of all places, Transylvania, and to see what is referred to as Dracula's Castle. We also toured some of the sights in the area. Our guide was a friend of Mickey's cousin, and showed us a great time. (To see some photos, click on the blue links.)

Then it was getting the pictures somewhat in order, although they are still quite random. Emma was scheduled to do EFY again this year, but the paperwork was held up and she did not get to do it, so she was able to take her off time and go with us. Now it is time to get ready for graduations. We have two coming up. Ioelu will be graduating on the 5th of December in Hawaii, and April will be graduating on the 15th of December in Memphis. We have it worked out that I will go to Ioelu's graduation, and Helen will go to April's. Sounds fair, eh? Then coming the end of December we have babies - twins from April, one of which is a boy, the other a girl, and a boy from Sharon. April is due the 30th of December, and Sharon on the 11th of January. Wow. Such excitement. I guess I am just going to have to spend some of the winter time in paradise again.

(October 2007) Time to get caught up again. We went over to Hawaii on the 20th of September for a small mini-vacation. One of the reasons was that my nephew, Lee's son Bill was being promoted to Chief Petty Officer in the Navy, and his dad and sister were going over for that. Mom and I decided we would surprise them, and go too. But it backfired on us. We were a few minutes late, and couldn't get on the base to see the awards. We were told that it was okay, though, since it was on ship, and there were a lot of steep and narrow stairs. Since I do not do stairs well, it was probably a good thing that we missed it. But we did wait at Bill's house for them to get back, and had a good visit.

The next day we all met at the Polynesian Cultural Center and had a good time with all, and a great luau and night show.

Mom stayed until the middle of the next week, and had to come back to Atlanta to work. I was able to stay for Krisalyn's 3rd birthday. It was a small party, but it was a lot of fun. Then I lasted for about 3 more weeks, coming home on the 19th of October. It was sad to leave. The weather was wonderful (daytimes around 80, and night times around 70). But, I guess all good things must come to an end. I was able to spend some good time with Sharon and Ioelu and the girls, and with Sean and Elena and Kate. All in all, it was time well spent. Now it's back to the task of living in Atlanta. I really did need to come back, though. I was missing Mom too much to stay.

(November 2007) We had some excitement this month. In the 13th we got a call from Jimmy stating that April was in the hospital with labor pains. Then on the morning of the 14th got the call the the birth of the twins was imminent. Dad packed a bag to go to Memphis to help out all he could, with Mom to follow on Friday evening. Dad caught the noon flight out of Atlanta, and on arrival in Memphis got the message the twins were born at 12:10 and 12:12. (Noon, that is.)

Anyway, Dad got to spend some time with Jim and lots of time with April. Her mom was there too, so she had lots of company during her hosptial stay. The Mom in on Friday, and on Saturday she got to see the babies. Since they were 6 weeks premature, they were kept in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) until they could breathe on their own, and eat a bottle. The baby girl came home before her brother, since she was improving faster.

We got the word also that April was not able to complete her classes this semester, so she will not be graduating in December. So, it looks like Mom will get to go to Ioelu's graduation, too. That will be lots of fun, as we have a wedding anniversary and a birthday coming up in just a few days after graduation.

When we left Memphis on Sunday, we got to spend one night at home, then left to spend Thanksgiving with Renée in Logan. That was a good time, and it was good to spend a little time with our daughter. She had to work part of the time, but had Thursday and Friday off, so we got to have a good dinner, and spend some time together when she wasn't working. The only thing, we had to leave on Friday to be at a friend's sealing in Atlanta on Saturday. That was probably a good thing, though, since the weekend after Thanksgiving is the busiest travel days of the year, so flying standby is not a whole lot of fun. On Friday everything was okay. Partly, I think, was because on Saturday was the "game of the year". It was the annual football game between BYU and University of Utah. I think most of the people who went to Salt Lake City to visit family for Thanksgiving were a fan of one or the other, so did not want to leave until Saturday night or Sunday — possibly even later. It made it good for us, though.

The weather in Salt Lake City when we arrived was a record high 71 degrees. Then on Tuesday, the high was somewhere around 40, with forecast of snow in a few days. Luckily it waited until after we left. What a change. Made me remember why I live in Georgia. At the very least, we do not have to shovel the heat out of the driveway to move the car. Can't say the same for snow. Actually, I think show is beautiful, from 32000 feet looking down and appreciating all the beauty that God put onto this earth. And I feel sorry for the people that have to live in that weather, then go on to where it is fairly warm.

(February 2008) Finally finding the time to catch up on all the news that is news. We got to go to Hawaii in December to see Ioelu graduate from BYU-Hawaii, and spend our anniversary there. We found a great restaurant in Haleiwa and had a lovely dinner. Then it was back home, since we promised Jim and April we would be there for Christmas.

We got back to Atlanta, spent a couple of days, then drove to Memphis to spend Christmas with April, Jim, Lucas and Allison. It was really fun seeing the twins, and passing their first Christmas with them. They are only about a month old, so probably it did not have as much meaning for them as it did for the adults.

In the first part of January we went back to Hawaii for the birth of Sharon's boy. (See some pictures). We spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii, and got to spend some time with Sean and Elena and Kate. It was good to be able to do that again. Seems like when we go, we spend all our time with the Memea's and don't get to see much of Sean's family.

The Bishop let Ioelu bless his baby while we were there, and then we had to come back home. Something about work. I'm not sure I remember what that means. Retirement is great, except that when you don't have anything to do, you're never sure when it's finished. And it's hard to stop and take a break. Oh, well.

Being back home for just a few days, we again went to Memphis to be with Jim and April's family. We thought the twins were to be blessed on Fast Sunday in February, but for several reasons that was postponed. It was good to be there anyway, and I was able to stay and help out when Jimmy had some knee surgery. Not fun, but he is well on the road to recovery.

While we were in Memphis, Renée also had some knee surgery. We were going to Logan to be with her, but she thought it would be better if we stayed with Jim and April, since they had the babies and probably could use the help better. Her surgery was more complex that Jim's, so she will be slower on the recovery. According to the doctor and the physical therapist she is making good progress. We hope and pray that she will finally be free of knee problems that have plagued her since she could walk.

(24 February 2008) Ioelu and Sharon and their kids were able to move into our house in Texas over the weekend. They arrived from Hawaii on Friday the 22nd. The renters we had in the house were transferred out of state, so the house became available. It appeared that from the time the renters left until we got there someone was using it as a sleeping place, and left it quite dirty, so it required quite a bit of cleaning before it was habitable. But with a good carpet and tile cleaning, and Ioelu and Sharon working hard, it really did not take too much time. Now its time for Ioelu to find some gainful employment and get a car, as they left theirs in Hawaii. He does have a couple of good leads, and with his abilities and willingness to do whatever it takes to support his family, he should not be too long unemployed.

(8 July 2009) It seems like it's about time that I updated the information page. I have been very lax in keeping it up to date.

We have had several things happen during the past 6 months. Ioelu was in the mortgage banking industry in Texas. When the company was downsized, the family moved in with us in Georgia. It really is fun having the grandkids here, but it does get on our nerves some times. We can get away if we need to, so it is not all bad.

Ioelu started working at the Atlanta airport for Delta Airlines. I warned him that the airlines gets into your blood, and he is finding that out. He had to start part-time, but his required 6 months are coming to an end, so we hope for a full-time position soon. That will help, with the insurance and all.

Helen has been promoted (sort of) in her job, but will have to be working in Irving, Texas. That promotion came a couple days after I accepted a call to be in the branch presidency of the Vietnamese branch in Atlanta. Her idea is to get an apartment in the Dallas area, and commute to Atlanta for weekends. Delta does know how to find Atlanta from Dallas, so maybe it will not be too bad. She needs to be in Texas at the beginning of August. She worked out some fairly good deals with her company to work a bit from home. That helps.

(15 September 2009) We got Helen moved into her apartment in Grapevine, Texas. It is quite a nice place, and close to work. We talked Renée into coming from Utah to live with her. It is good having Renée closer to family. We, Mom and Dad, took a healthy road trip to pick her up. It is a long way from Atlanta to Dallas to Logan to Dallas in a rental truck. The ride was not too bad, but the engine was partly in the cab, so there was not a lot of leg room. Now it's just to get settle in to a good routine.

(23 November 2009) Time to get somewhat updated on this page. I have been remiss in keeping current.

We got back and somewhat settled in to Texas, and Dad decided it was time to go home. It had been about a month since I had been to Church in my branch, so I thought they would appreciate me being there. Helen had a few days off, so she came over to Atlanta. Then on the 24th of September I woke up early in the morning not feeling well. I got Helen to take me to the emergency room, and was promptly admitted due to a severe staph infection. There was such a problem with it, that the doctors could not pinpoint which staph it was, so I was treated for first one then another. Finally they hit the right combination.

After 2 weeks of hospital care, the first of which I do not remember because the infection settled in my legs, and they were in such pain that I was living on Percoset. There are only a few things I remember of that week, and sometimes I was coherent. I'm glad I was in a controlled environment. Then I was release to an extended care facility, but did not like that place, so after a couple of days convinced the doctors that I could do the same thing at home, and they agreed. As of this writing, I still am not up to par. I feel I should be cured, but Helen keeps telling me that it will take quite a while to get totally well, and to just be patient. I guess I do not have much choice. Little things like a 3 hour church block wears me out, and it takes a couple of days to get going again. But, all in all, I do seem to be improving gradually.

(3 March 2012) This is the first update since 2009, and will be the final entry to this page. Andy has taken over care and maintence of this web site, and is making this entry. Further updates to family information will be put on a new page, as it is received.

In June of 2011, Leon was diagnosed with liver cancer, and started seeing specialists in order to get the needed treatments. Between Atlanta, and New Orleans, possible treatments and medication had been given within weeks. Six weeks later, in a follow-up appointment, the doctors reported that the cancer had not gone into remission as hoped, but had spread to the other side of the liver, and throughout the body, especially the lungs. Throughout it all, he was still travelling between Atlanta, for church responsibilities, and Dallas, as that is where both his wife and his doctors were.

In early November, just before a planned return to Atlanta for the weekend, he was checked into the hospital for weakness and pain in his legs. After a brief stay, he moved into a local care home, so he could get the assistance needed.

On November 16th, one of the doctors said that there was a concern over a recent test result, so once again, Leon was moved to the hospital to have it further investigated. Overnight, due to the many complications of cancer and it's treatments, other problems with his health occured.

Leon Farewell Picture

Thursday, November 17, 2011, at 4:37pm, the world lost the greatest man I have ever known.
William Leon Ransom, my father ... No ... My dad, my friend, my lifetime mentor, passed away due to complications of liver cancer.
I missed my chances to tell you while you were still coherent how much you have always meant to me and those around you.
I didn't tell you often enough. I love you, dad. I will miss you. I already do.