Here are some of the funny things seen while I had my camera with me. I hope you think they are as funny as I did.
Click on the image to see a larger picture.

Texas limo
Texas Limo

This is a limousine we saw one day in Grapevine, TX. We wonder why anyone would want a pickup, especially a 4x4 to use as a limo.

Marta parking lot sign
Parking lot info

This is a sign in the parking garage of MARTA, the Atlanta Metro transportation system.
Makes me wonder what the other parking options are.

Road Unsafe Under Water
Road Unsafe Under Water

Who would have thought???
This a sign we found on State Highway 305, just a little South of Lewisburg, Mississippi.


An interesting combination of businesses I found in a strip mall in Marietta, Georgia. Wonder which came first.

Heat & Serve
Heat & Serve

Just an interesting sign I found in a supermarket in Roanoke, Texas. What a concept for Coca Cola.

Bumper sticker
Bumper sticker
I loved the bumper sticker. I saw that one somewhere on State Highway 114 on my way into Dallas.

Surgoen Generel's Warnig
Surgoen Generel's Warning

A bumper sticker seen at the parking lot of the LDS Visitor's Center in Nauvoo, Illinois. As I remember, the car was from Utah.

To Louisiana and Mexico
Road to Mexico

Highway sign on highway 61 in Missouri between Hannibal and St. Louis. May really be a reason Missouri is called the "show-me state".

Georgia warning sign
Speed Trap

These signs are located all over the state of Georgia. Must be a lawyer who thought up the phrasing on these.

Built Ford Tough
Ford Tough

This pickup was seen in front of a house along the Kam Highway on the way from Kaneohe to Laie.

Day Use Only

Interesting signs found at a cemetery near West Yellowstone, Montana. The signs read 'Fir Ridge Cemetery', 'Cemetery No Hunting',and 'Day Use Area, No Camping'. Wonder if all the ghosts come from a place where they can't stay overnight. Hmmm....


When the contractor for the State of Texas built the overpass over Highway 114 in Roanoke, Texas, they did not let the ground settle enough. During a spring rainstorm, the hill and part of the roadway washed out. The engineers decided they would hold it up by bolting some rails to the existing dirt, hence the dirt is bolted to itself to keep from falling. Must be a government employee...