William Andrew Ransom

We were blessed with the arrival of a son to be named William Andrew Ransom on the 31st of January in 19??. He was born in the dread (not a misspelled word) of an Idaho winter in Pocatello.

We felt there were problems when the nurse would not let Helen have the baby to hold, and then the doctor called us and told us that he was born having seizures. The doctor could not even face us because he knew that it was because he had not bothered to visit one of his patients while she was ready for delivery. Andy spent about 12 hours in the birth canal. After extensive testing by the medical folks in Pocatello, and by one of the doctors of Primary Children's Hospital in Salt Lake City, we were advised to give the baby adult doses of Dilantin and Phenobarbatol until he was six, and at that time he would be ok. When I questioned them about having a 6-year old addict, I was advised that neither of these drugs was habit-forming. We were not convinced that was factual, so it was not acceptable to us and we kept looking for ways to help the baby.

Through the faith and prayers of us and our family, a way was provided for us to see a doctor in Portland, Oregon. He readily diagnosed the problem as Andy's nose not extending and putting pressure on his brain. He fixed the problem, and we had again a normal 6 month old baby. Andy has not had any problems with seizures since that time.

Andy started school in Pahrump, Nevada, and continued his education through the elementary grades in Pahrump, Grantsville, Utah, and West Valley City, Utah. We moved to Texas when he was entering Junior High and he graduated from MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas.

Shortly after graduation he married a lovely lady, Cindy, who had a couple of really cute daughters from a previous marriage. We fell in love with Cindy, Leslie and Lindsey and were happy to have them become part of our lives. It was kind of fun being grandparents, too.

Andy went on to work in the computer industry. He really takes to computing and making the electronic gadgets work, sometimes the way they are made to work, and at other times trying to get them to do something else.

Good news.  Andy is back in school. He is still in the computer industry and studying about networking systems.With his experience he is able to get through the classes quite rapidly and even bypass some of them. He figures about a year to eighteen months and he will be certified to work on most of the major networks in business. His school, Northlake College in Irving, Texas, is one of the better one in the area, so he should not have too much problem getting a good position when he finishes.

Andy and Cindy are now both working full time in what seem to be pretty good jobs. Andy is doing support on telephone systems for prisions around the country. The systems run on UNIX, so it is what Andy is really interested in. Cindy is working for one of the freight companies. It pays the bills, and hopefully gives them a little extra.

Sean Renée