Emma L. Ransom

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Emma Lin Ransom, born 13 Febuary 19?? in Las Vegas, Nevada is the seventh and last child of the Ransom family. She was born at the time when the family was being transferred to Salt Lake City, Utah. Father parent was working in Salt Lake City and coming home on weekends. Labor was induced so Emma would be born one day earlier than expected so her father could be present. That made it one day before Valentine's day.

She was born with a valve in her stomach not fully developed, so it was almost impossible to get any food to stay in her stomach. When she was six months old she weighed a few ounces less than birth weight. We went to many doctors, and were told they could not find a problem, so she must have an ulcer. They could not see one, but it must be there. On a flight to Salt Lake City one day, Emma's mom was speaking to a flight attendant and the subject of Emma' problem came up. The flight attendant said she had a neighbor who was a pediatrician, and would see if there was any way a cure could be found. The doctor called from Texas where she was at a convention, and arranged for Emma to be seen at Primary Children's Hospital the next day, and she would be back as soon as she could. She thought she had diagnosed the problem, but wanted verification. The testing proved her right, and Emma was put on a special food suppliment to help with the problem. It worked, too, and within a few months Emma was back to normal body weight for a baby. We found out later that Emma was the first patient of the pediatrician starting private practice.

Emma started her education at Florence Elementary in the Keller, Texas school district. She was a very quiet child, so the teacher had a time getting her to say anything. When they changed teachers in the middle of the school year, it only compounded the problem. We were told at Christmas time that Emma did not know her address or phone number, so she was behind the others in the class. It was curious to us, as she had known them since before starting school. At the end of the school year, the teacher recommended that Emma be held back from first grade and put in a special kindergarten that was being tested for slower children, since Emma was not learning as rapidly as she should have been. After consultation with the teacher and the principal of the school, it was decided that Emma should go on into the first grade, a decision that was never questioned. Her grades have been in the top of her class ever since. Even to the point of being inducted in the National Honor Society during her junior year of high school.

During the second grade, the family moved to Irving, Texas, and Emma finished her elementary education at Thomas Haley Elementary, then went on to Sam Houston Middle School. It was there that she wanted to follow the family tradition and join the band. She said that since her father and three brothers played the saxophone, two sisters played the flute, and one brother played the trombone, she wanted to do something different. She opted to learn to play the oboe. She played it in the symphonic band all through her middle school and high school career. During the last three years of her school, Emma found choir and drama. She was in a number of plays put on by the drama department, and took some awards for them and won her letter for drama. She was in the Denton High School chorale in her senior year when they did a concert tour to Vienna, Salzburg and Paris. It was a wonderful trip, capped off by a concert at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. I don't know how she found the time, but during her last year of high school she worked for Hobby Lobby in Denton, Texas.

After graduation, Emma moved in with some friends in Denton, Texas and started her college career at North Central Texas College in Corinth, Texas, and started working for The Associates, (acquired by Citigroup) in the collections department. It was a great job for a student, as the pay is good and she can set her own schedule. Just about the time school ended for the year 2002, Citigroup moved it's office from Denton and released almost all the employees in Denton. It was not too bad, though, because Emma is now happily studying in Idaho. She says that her major is criminal justice, but from the sounds of things, she is actually majoring in Boys. She still wants to finish her college education before getting serious about any one boy, though. She is planning to get her associates degree then transfer next year to BYU-Hawaii. I hope it works out that way.

Emma has joined one of the University choirs, and his having another good time. She is one of those people who love to sing and enjoys music. Hopefully she will continue in her singing career.

(April 2003) School is out for the Spring semester, and Emma decided she wanted a break from classes. She came to Georgia to visit, but stayed in the Atlanta area to work for the summer. She has decided to remain in Idaho for her bachelor's degree since BYU-Hawaii does not offer a course of study in her field of interest. She is studying Psychology with an emphasis on criminal justice. Hmmm.

(September 2003) Emma is now back in school and enjoying it. She works as cashier in the cafeteria. She was going to be in charge of the desserts, but when the manager found she was experienced in working the cash register he changed his mind. Too bad it does not include a raise. But, she gets to meet lots of people (read that guys) and is making lots of friends. She now has a calling in her ward. She is a counselor in the Relief Society. That's a good place for her. She will do well.

(May 2004) Emma is with her parents again for the summer. She obtained a part-time job at Franklin Covey and really enjoys it. She comes home every day with a lot of fun stories about her co-workers and customers. She enjoys it so much she would like to transfer in the fall. Now if she can talk Franklin Covey into opening a store in Idaho...

She was able to (finally) obtain an oboe at the start of the summer, and really enjoys being able to again play it. We found a salesman at one of the music stores here who is really a music teacher and may be able to get Emma into a good music school, if she decides to continue her education in music. She is considering that. Especially if she gets a full scholorship. Oboe players are not very plentiful, and she is good, so she may be able to pursue a music career.

(March 2005) It's getting close! Emma is set for graduation on the 23rd of April of this year. If the deans and counselors or BYUI were not making small talk, she will get a small stipend at graduation. (They said that any student who graduates from BYUI and is not married will be elgible to receive $500.)

She is still trying to determine her next step. She has applied for a counselor position at EFY for the summer, but as yet has not heard any word on that appointment. She has also been murmuring something about serving a mission for the church.

Emma has been invited to spend the summer with her sister in Hawaii. That is one of the possibilities open to her. She has also been talking about coming with her parents to Georgia for another summer, maybe to get back with Franklin Covey. She really liked that, and was good at the sales of their items. She may take a semester off from school to get everything all together for graduate school. That may not be a bad idea, either. She has been pretty intense with her studies for the last 4 years, so maybe a break is what is needed at this point. Anyway, whatever she chooses, I am sure will work out for the best.

(May 2005) She really did it!!! Emma got her BS in Psychology from BYU-I on 23 April 2005. To see some of the pictures taken at graduation, please see the graduation photo site. She is now with her parents in Atlanta, but getting ready to go to Hawaii in the near future. Probably sometime after some weddings in the middle of May. She has a cousin getting married then, and would like to be here for his wedding. She is still trying to decide whether to work for a while or continue with schooling immediately. She is looking at several universities for her master's.

It is really great having her here with us for a while. We know that when the time is right she will be off doing something else. She has been talking about going on a mission for our Church, but that is still in the talking stages. She has a couple of friends (boys, of course) returning from missions shortly, and I think she wants to wait to see what will happen when they come back. She has a job working for Franklin-Covey in the Atlanta area. The manager liked her and wanted her back, and it will give her a chance to take some time off to visit some colleges to check out continuing education. She has until February to decide where she wants to go and get her applications sent.

(12 May 2006) Exciting day!! Emma got the word today she has been accepted into the Master's program at Marymount University, in Virginia. She decided earlier this year that is where she would like to go, since they work in her field of interest. She applied, but was put on a waitlist, to be notified mid-May. We are all so excited for her, and wish her the best in her schooling. She has been talking about transferring with Franklin Covey to their store in Mclean, Virginia so she can keep working. We hope it works out well for her.

(31 August 2006) She made it. Last weekend Emma, along with her mom and dad, took her car full of stuff, and dad's truck full of stuff, and went to Virginia. Then she started school on Monday. She lives in a house with 3 other girls. It is in a great location, just a few minutes from her work and a few more from her school. That is if she does not get lost. It's easy in Virginia, I noticed when we were there. She called me on Tuesday, and said she got lost and that her 20 minute drive from school took over 2 hours, but the Washington Monument is pretty at night from the highway.

We wish Emma the best, and have total confidence that she will do good at what she does.

(February 2008) Latest update on Emma. She has been studing hard and working hard to finish up her Master's degree. She has had a couple of breaks in the monotony, though. She was able to go with us to Romania for Ovidiu and Mickey's wedding in July 2007. Then back to the grind, but a good break.

Then at the last minute (something peculiar to airline people, I think), she decided she wanted to be in Hawaii for the blessing of Sharon's boy baby. So, she took a few days off work, hopped on over, and was there for the blessing. Then back to Virginia to school.

She started her internship for her degree the day she got back from Hawaii. She is interning with the Metro Police Department in Washington DC. That in itself is frightening, but we are sure she will be able to handle it. She says she is doing research on cold case files. (her degree is in criminal foresnics). But she will be doing some ride-alongs with detectives on a few occasions. That may prove to be exciting. I think she said she would do some ride-alongs with street patrols, too. That may prove to be even more exciting.

She is on track to graduate in May (or is it June) of 2008. Then comes the hard part — being out in the real world.

(April 2008) The word has come down. Emma will be graduating from Marymount University on Sunday, 11 May 2008 at 2:00 in the afternoon. The ceremony will be held in D.A.R. Constitution Hall, in Washington, DC. You can count on Mom and Dad being there. It is by ticket only, so seating is limited. But there will be a lot of room outside if anyone would like to go and congratulate her.

She has had a good time doing internship at the DC Metro Police Department working with cold case files. She says she has learned a lot and met some nice people. (live ones) She tells me now that she is contemplating taking the opportunity to continue her education in Prague. That sounds like it would be a great opportunity. Especially if it's a fellowship or scholarship, or something like that.

After all is said and done, she is still not sure where she will be employed. There have been a lot of opportunities presented, so it's deciding what to do.

(May 2008) She did it. She really did it!!! Emma graduated with her Masters of Arts in Foresnic Psychology from Marymount University on the 12th of May of 2008. The graduation was held in Washington, DC. Mom and dad got to go and took a few pictures. You can see them here. We did not get a lot of pictures. It was raining too hard that day to be outside for very long.

Next, she gets to go on a learning internship in Prague. I found out is only for a week. It happens in July of this year. It sounds like a great experience. During the time they will be doing some touring and sightseeing, as well as studying something about International crime and foresnics.

Now it's out into the real world. We all wish her the best of luck in finding gainful employment, and all that. She does have a couple of offers that sound promising, so here's hoping one of them work out well for her.

(July 2009) A little update on Emma. I have been remiss in keeping this site up to date. Hopefully, it will get better.

Emma left her job at Franklin Covey to work for her old District manager as the assistant manager of a retail jewelry store in the DC area. It's not what she wants to do, but it is paying most of the bills until her job of choice comes along. She is, for some reason, talking about New Zealand. That sounds like a good place to be, and it will be so much fun visiting her.

She is doing her last year as a counselor at EFY this summer. She got to do all 6 weeks of EFY in Virginia, and is enjoying it very much. Then it's back to the real world again, and back in the rat race. We are all hoping that things work out for her the way she wants.

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