Helen Ransom

Helen Jaffe was born on July 31st one year in Salt Lake City, Utah, the fifth child and third daughter of Hyman Jaffe and Emeline Sweat. Until she was eight years old she lived on a small farm where her parents raised chickens. She attended a small 6 room school located on the local air force base.

Helen's father was an engineer, and, among other talents and designs, developed a clean way to raise chickens. It is reported that in the 1950's a man by the name of Harlan Sanders asked him to raise chickens exclusively for him, but Mr. Jaffe believed there would be no future in fast-food restaurants, especially chicken, so he declined the offer. Such is the thing that most of us do when we have an opportunity that has not yet been proven.

When Helen was 8 years old (reportedly on her 8th birthday), the family moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was there that she completed her elementary, junior high and high school years.

After Helen graduated from Valley High School in Las Vegas, she elected to enter the music program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Helen had always loved music and dance, so was studying vocal music and was part of a semi-professional European Folk Dance group organized at the LDS Institute of Religion at UNLV. They performed for various meetings and contests in the Las Vegas area taking several awards and honors. Helen also performed in choirs at several shows on the famous Las Vegas strip.

Helen had several jobs during her high school and college career, one being an usher at a movie theater and working as a clerk for a consumer finance company. That job was quite an eye-opener for a teenage girl, and gave her a strong belief that it is better to not borrow any money unless absolutely necessary, and then discharge the obligation as quickly as possible.

Another job, and one she liked quite well, was with the investigative branch of the Civil Service Commission. She worked with some very nice people in that career.

It was during Helen's college years that she met Leon Ransom at one of the church dances. After dating him for a while, the two decided that they would like to be eternal companions, and two years after they met, the were married. He is forever grateful and amazed that she would give a career in music to be his wife and the mother of his children.

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