James A. Ransom

James Aaron Ransom, born on the 8th of July, 19??, was the third son and the fifth child. He was born in Las Vegas Nevada. His family lived in the Nevada desert at Pahrump when he was born. His parents owned and operated a video arcade when he came into the world, so he spent many an evening asleep on a pool table while mom and dad wear cleaning up after a day of business. Maybe that is why he is at home around a pool table. He was learning how to play when he had to be lifted up to reach the top.

Jim's school career started at preschool at Grantsville, Utah, then began kindergarten at West Valley City, Utah. He always liked to study and learn new things, so school was very easy for him. It's always so. The things we like become easy for us. Then after his first grade year his family was transferred to Dallas, Texas.

Jim started his second grade in Keller, Texas, and coming from the school system in Utah, was so far behind that after meetings with the teachers and school officials, it was decided he should go back one year to catch up. It was a move that was great for his education, but which he has seemed to resent for the rest of his school career.

The family bought a home and moved to Irving, Texas while Jim was still in elementary school. Then he started to Sam Houston Junior High School in Irving, and decided he would like to play the saxophone in the band. We got him an alto saxophone, and he started that like he does anything else of interest in his life. His siblings would complain that he practiced too much, but it did great thing for his ability to play. He was in the symphonic and marching bands from his first year at junior high through high school. He still plays the saxophone, but has taught himself to play the piano, and does very well. He had about 6 months of lessons along with his siblings in Irving, but they stopped when the teacher could not come over to the house.

It was during Jim's sophmore year the family moved to the Denton, Texas area, so he began his high school career at Denton High School. He excelled in school there, becoming a member of the National Honor Society and getting various awards for music and theater.

After graduating high school, he was able to accomplish the main goal of his life so far, that being serving a mission for the Church. He was called to the California San Fernando mission, and honorably served for two years. He returned home in October, 2001, and has since been working and considering his education. He was accepted for admission to Brigham Young University-Hawaii. As he was getting finances in line to go, he met a young lady in the Dallas area, so decided to stay there to pursue a courtship. Situations changed and they parted company.

Jim has subsequently applied and has been accepted to the University of North Texas. He is planning to major in music, with the emphasis on piano. UNT is one of the major music schools of the country, so he will have a hard course of study to keep up with the class. His whole music training has been in playing the saxophone. He is considering reapplying for BYU-Hawaii, but will spend the next semester in Texas. He is working as a pest control specialist, and would like to get his certification as a technician so he can take work in other places wherever he goes to college.

(2003) Jim is currently studying at North Central Texas College to get the basic college credits. He is concurrently enrolled in UNT and is taking some classes there. He left the pest control business to seek a little better employment for the summer, but returned to the same pest control company in the fall. They work with a lot of students, so he is able to work around school schedules. That makes a decent way to be able to pay the bills. The company got him trained and certified in some of the pest control techniques, so that helped him make more money and get more stability. He still has to get more certificates to be a full-fledged technician, but that is also part of the plan.

Jim changed his major to Chemistry. He is looking now at studying pharmacy, so chemistry is a good background for that career. Personally, I think that is a better prospect for a career than the medical profession. Right now that seems to be more stable, also.

He is still dating several of the fairer sex looking for his special one. One day she will come along. I have no doubts on that. And when she does he will be terribly smitten. His mother and I have met several of the girls he has dated, and we heartily approve of most of them.

(May 2004) Jim is out of school for the summer. He will be working full-time in the pest control business with some breaks. He applied and was accepted as counselor for the Church in the 'Especially For Youth' (EFY) program. He did it last year, and really enjoyed it. Then back to UNT in the fall. He has finished all he can at NCTC, so it will be only at UNT. He is still playing saxophone and continuing to practice piano. He gets to sing sometimes, too. It's great he is continuing his musical talent.

(October 2004) It looks like Jim found that special someone. He met a girl at EFY last summer, and they seem to be smitten with each other. She is in the nursing program at the University of Memphis, so they do not get to see each other very often. He is still at UNT. The speak a lot on the phone, and take every opportunity to get together. April (Jimmy's special one) is planning to be in Atlanta over the Christmas holiday, so we get to meet her and her family. We are looking forward to having that opportunity.

They have set a wedding date for 4 June 2005 in Memphis.

(January 2005) There was a slight change of plans. Mom and Dad decided they wanted to spend the Christmas holiday in Dollywood, up in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. April and her mother and Jimmy were able to join us there and spend the New Year holiday.

(June 2005) Whew!!   It's over!!!    Jim and April were blissfully wedded on the 4th day of June, 2005, in the LDS Temple in Memphis, Tennessee. The wedding was great and the reception was a lot of fun. We believe April will be a great addition to our family, and welcome her and her family into ours with open arms. It was good to see Jim and April so happy, but then again most weddings are joyous occassions. We wish them the best as they carry on through life and a couple. To see some of the pictures of their wedding, click here.

They will both be students at the University of Memphis, where April is studying nursing and Jim in going into the pharmacology program. So, for the next few years, it looks like Memphis will be called home.

Jim has gone to work for one of the Pharmacies in the Memphis area. It is good experience for him, and they were happy to find someone interested in the field. April is working as a nurse (of course) in one of the Memphis hospitals close to their apartment.

(November 2005) We have had a change in education. April has dropped out of nursing. After a good discussion with her advisor, she decided to drop nursing for an education in hospital administration. Somehow I do not think it is all bad. I believe the hours of work will be a whole lot better. Probably will be working normal business hours, instead of nurses hours, which may be anytime during the day all days of the year. We do wish her the best in her new career path. We have total confidence that she will be able to do well in it.

(May 2007) Mom and Dad were given the news — April is pregnant! They have been trying for quite a while, and are very happy. They are hoping they will have a boy child, but as of this time they do not know. The tentative birth date given was Dec 30. We wish all of them the very best. And we found out that Sharon is also pregnant. The due dates are somewhere around the same time. It is now a contest to see who has the first boy. I think we'll take it, no matter what it is.

(September 2007) Finally I am catching up the scuttlebut of family news. We got a call from April a while back about the gender of her baby. It seems like they will be having twins. One of them is a boy, and the other was in such a position it was impossible to tell from the ultrasound. I guess we will have to wait and be surprised.

And if that was not enough excitement, April is graduating from the University of Memphis on the 15th of December. That's the same day as graduation from BYU Hawaii. Darn. I guess I will have to let Mom go to Memphis to support April, and I will have to sacrifice and go to Hawaii as support for Ioelu.

(November 2007) They did it!! We got a call on the 13th of November from Jim saying that April was having pains again. He took her to the hospital to see about them. Then on the morning of the 14th he called again and said she was in labor. Dad got packed up to go to Memphis to help out. I caught the noon flight to Memphis, and when I landed I got the word that the twins were born at 12:10 and 12:12 (noon). It was an emergency cesarian birth, and the babies were 6 weeks premature. They took them right down to NICU so they could get their lungs and all else working properly.

I got to spend some time with April, and her mom was there, too. She spent about 3 days in the hospital, Mom got in Friday night, and was able to spend some time also with April, helping her to get feeling better and all that. Then we had to come home on Sunday. When we left April was home, but the babies were still in NICU. The little girl got to come home on Thanksgiving day, since she was improving faster than her brother. He should be coming home soon. That will be great!!

April was not able to finish her classes this semester so she will not be graduating in December, as was originally planned. It looks like a spring graduation. Jimmy has a couple more years, and is looking for a pharmacy program for when he leaves Memphis.

(29 December 2007) We got to go to Memphis for Christmas this year and see our new twin grandbabies. It was great being with them, and watching there little personalities up close and personal. Even being twins they are quite different in the way they react to different things.

We were so grateful to see them at home and doing so well, after such a hard start in NICU. Jimmy and April were the typical proud parents, and of course, we were the typical proud grandparents. Jimmy had to work some of the time, and April was pretty tired, so we were able to let her get some much needed rest, and, of course, spoil the kids to our heart's content. (Well, maybe not quite that much, but quite a bit.)

(February 2008) Mom and Dad got to go to Memphis to spend some time the family. Jim went in for some knee surgery to have his miniscus trimmed, so it was good to spend some time there. Mom had to come back on Sunday to get back to work, but Dad spent a few more days with them, helping out with the babies and all. It was good to be able to take some of the load off the parents for a while, and let them relax.

Jim in recovering very well. He is up and walking, although he gets tired easily, and gets a lot of pain if he overdoes it. That is understandable. Sometimes I think he should take it a little easier, but he says he can do it. Seems to be working so far. Still he cannot spend a lot of time standing without taking a break.

(May 2008) Mom and Dad got to spend the weekend in Memphis again. On the 3rd of May was graduation. April received her BA in Hospital Administration from the University of Memphis. The only drawback is that we did not get a lot of photos.

It was a relief for her to finally make it. Now she is looking for some employment to help supplement their income. Jim has a little longer to go, then it's off to grad school.

The following day, 4 May 2008, the twins were blessed and named by their father. It was great to have Jim able to do that. We were glad to be able to be there. Those twins are really growing, and becoming quite the little lady and gentleman.

(7 Jan 2009) Getting us up to date (more or less). Jimmy and April have been studing hard and taking care of their twins. April has been employed by the state of Tennessee, so that helps with the finances.

We got a call from Jimmy the other day, saying we need to leave the 1st or 2nd weekend of May free for his graduation. In checking the University of Memphis schedule, we find the graduation will be on the 9th of May. Here is the information on graduation. Then it's off to grad school somewhere, possibly still in Memphis, for his Pharmacy degree. The University of Memphis has a good pharmacy school.

We wish him well, and are planning to be at the graduation.

(8 July 2009) I am a little late on the updating of the page. We did make the graduation from University of Memphis. It was a good time, Jim and April had just moved into a new apartment, and it is much nicer than the one they had. It seems to be in a good area, too.

We got the word a while back from an excited Jim. He has been accepted into the Pharmacy program at the University of Tennessee-Memphis. It looks like he will be in Memphis for the next few years, at least. Then who knows? With a Pharmacy degree, he can go almost anywhere and be guaranteed a good income.

Sharon Tony