William L. Ransom

William Leon Ransom made his appearance into this world on the 18th of December in the year 19?? at the Beck Hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho. He was the 8th child and 3rd boy child of William Austin Ransom and Emma Laura Hill Ransom. My next older sibling was 3 days shy of being 9 years old when I was born. I came to learn that I was the family toy. I grew up like an only child with brothers and sisters. But I wasn't spoiled. Not even a little bit.

I do not remember much about the early years of my life. I do remember living in a small house and the boy friend of one of my older sisters coming to our house and tormenting me endlessly. I do not remember personally, but only through the stories of my parents about the rides to church in an open wagon. In the winter when the Idaho snow fell, my dad would take off the wheels and attach runners, making the wagon into a sleigh. I do remember an old automobile of my youth, although I cannot remember riding in it. I imagine it was a great day when the family could ride inside out of the weather.

I spent most of my childhood in and around the Aberdeen, Idaho area. That area included Springfield Idaho, Aberdeen Idaho, and Sterling Idaho. When I was about 12 years old my dad got ill and had to be nearer to medical aid, so the family (consisting of my parents and I) moved to Pocatello. My next older sibling (sister) was already living and working in Pocatello, so she moved in with the family. Off and on my next older sibling (brother) would stay with us in between jobs. He was an itinerant worker, and worked everywhere from California to New Mexico.

I graduated from Pocatello High School in the year of 19??. At the time it was the only high school in Pocatello. I was a member the concert band and the marching band through all my high school years. I played the clarinet in junior high, moved to the bass clarinet in my high school concert band, and marched with the baritone sax. We had a lot of fun. We had a wonderful band leader, a Mr. Ralph Kennard, and with him in the lead we took a lot of music awards, including being invited to most of the college homecoming parades in the area, the Portland Oregon Rose Parade, and, the year after I graduated, the US Presidential Inaugural Parade.

Pocatello is in the Southeast corner of Idaho, right on the edge of potatoe (not a misspelling) country. During the summers of my high school years, I was able to supplement our family income by working on some potatoe farms or other farms and ranches in the area. My brothers-in-law also were mostly farmers, and they appreciated the extra family member to help them during planting and harvest times.

After graduating high school, I worked for a couple of years in Idaho and Northern Utah, mostly in road construction, but at times with the UPRR to save some money for my goal, to serve a mission for our church. I was very excited when I got the call to serve my church in Brasil (Portuguese spelling). I spent 2 and a half years in that beautiful country living and interacting with some of the most wonderful people that God has allowed to inhabit this earth.

When I returned, I went to work in Pocatello for a chemical company doing basically whatever had to be done to keep the plant running. It was the fertilizer division of the company. At that time, I also started college part time at Idaho State University. After a year of ISU, I enrolled at Brigham Young University, majoring in Advertsing/Public Relations with a minor in psychology. After a couple of years, the money ran out, and I dropped out of school for a couple of years to earn some more. Student loans were fairly new and I didn't realize the potential of them.

I moved that summer to Las Vegas where I went to work for one of the major TV stations as assistant film director. Shortly after starting there, I had a chance to go to work for Western Airlines. I thought that would be great, since they promised me some travel benefits. After a year away from college, I was able to transfer to Salt Lake City with Western Airlines and went to BYU for another year. Then it was back to Las Vegas with the company. I did not realize what it was at the time, but something kept drawing me back to Las Vegas.

At the end of the year I realized what it was drawing me back. I was to meet at a church dance the one who would be my eternal companion. We dated for about a year and a half, then I had enough money to once again return to BYU. I transferred once again with Western Airlines to Salt Lake City to continue my college career. But, due to some program changes, I changed my major from Advertising to Portuguese. I already had a fair number of credits from speaking the language of Brasil, and had tested out of some classes.

I found that I was not happy living 400 miles from my sweetheart, so on every occasion possible, I went back to Las Vegas to visit. We decided, on one of these visits, that we really needed to be a family, so we were wed on the 17th of December, exactly two years after the day we met.

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