Sharon K. Ransom
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Sharon Kae Ransom, the 4th child was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the 6th of April of the year of our Lord 19??. Her early years were spent in the desert at Pahrump, Nevada. She was still too young for school when her father was transferred to Salt Lake City, Utah, and the family moved to Grantsville, Utah, where she started in preschool, and then on to kindergarten.

She began her elementary school years in West Valley City, Utah. After her second grade, her dad was transferred again, this time to Dallas, Texas. She started the third grade in Keller, Texas, but was so far behind coming out of Salt Lake City schools that her grades suffered. After meeting with the school officials and teachers, it was decided that she would be better off by dropping back a grade. This caused her to be on the same learning level as those in her class, and it was a good move for her. Her grades from that point on were in the top of her class.

During Sharon's fifth grade year, the family moved to Irving, Texas, and she went on to junior high at Sam Houston Junior High in Irving. It was then that she thought she would like to play the flute, so she joined the band. She played the flute all through her junior high years, but when she got to high school she decided to be in the choir instead of the band. Also in junior high she became interested in gymnastics, and was able to take a class as one of her physical education credits.

Sharon went on to high school at Irving High School because that was the school in the district that had a gymnastics class. She went to that class for the first couple of years. She was also in the acapella choir and the girls chorus at Irving High School. She had such good marks, that she went to summer school one summer and picked up enough credits to skip her junior year, graduating one year earlier than those in her class.

It was during her senior year that the family moved from Irving Texas to the Denton Texas area. The children were always told that the family would not make them move during their last high school years, so she was able to stay with the family of her best friend and continue at Irving High School. She was home most weekends, since it was only about 30 miles from our home to Irving. The home where she stayed was the home of our bishop in Irving, so we felt she would be well fed spiritually.

On graduating from Irving High School, Sharon moved to Denton, Texas and got an apartment with some friends and enrolled in North Central Texas College with a major in criminal justice. She was able also to attend the Denton Texas Institute. She is the only person I know who graduated twice from institute. During this time she was working at a day care center caring for babies up to two years old. Sharon has always liked babies, so it was a perfect fit for her. It would have been much better if the pay had been better, but childcare workers are notoriously underpaid.

After spending some time at NCTC, Sharon applied and was accepted to college in Hawaii, majoring in history. During her stay there, she was considering a change of major to Hawaiian Studies, but a young man from the Denton area decided he had waited too long to become interested in her, and started e-mailing and telephoning Sharon on a regular basis. They decided to pursue the courtship, so Sharon came home for the summer (2002) to get to know the young man and his family. They set a wedding date for the end of August of 2002. Assuming it would really happen, she was going to transfer schools again, this time to the University of North Texas. By continuing to major in history, she would have finished her degree 2 semesters earlier at UNT than she could in Hawaii.

After getting to know the young man better, Sharon decided that even though he is a great person and comes from a wonderful family, he is not the person with whom she would like to spend the rest of eternity, so the wedding was cancelled. She really feels bad for breaking his heart, but, as was said by her family and friends, it is better to break a heart now than it would be in 3 or 4 years, when there would be a lot more damage to both parties, and quite possibly some little hearts as well.

Sharon returned to Hawaii for the fall semester of 2002. Her father and sister had the job of taking her there (she gets more luggage allowance on the airplane if there are more people). After fretting about having no friends left in Hawaii, it was interesting to note that about a quarter of the people we met greeted her and welcomed her back.

It was in Hawaii that Sharon has found a special someone. This time, she felt better about it at the start than she did the last time. He is at the same university, so they can see and get to know each other in a manner other than email and phone calls. He wants to get married, but she said she won't say "yes" until he askes her Dad. He is a Samoan and is in Hawaii on a sponsorship so it looks like Mom and Dad will have to make another pilgramage to Hawaii. He has said he will come to Atlanta to ask Dad, but one of the rules of the sponsorship state that he is able to only leave the Hawaiian Islands once in 4 years. We do not want him jeopardizing his schooling by taking a trip to Atlanta, so we will have to go there. Darn.

We made it!    On the 6th of March of 2003 Mom and Dad made the infamous trip to meet Ioelu. Even though he was a bit apprehensive and really nervous about meeting the parents, both Mom and Dad gave their approval and think it will be a pleasure to have him as part of the family. Sharon and Ioelu have set a wedding date of near graduation in June, when the family will be in Hawaii for Sharon's graduation. That way they can have all the brothers and sisters at both the wedding and the graduation (we hope).

They really did it!!    Sharon and Ioelu were married on the 19th of June in the LDS temple in Laie, Hawaii. It was a great wedding ceremony. And after that, we had a reception at the Polynesian Cultural Center in the Chief's hut at the Samoan village. It was a great feast. Anyone who has ever been to a polynesian wedding can appreciate it. The others will have to imagine a lot of food, dance shows, singing shows and a lot of fraternizing with everyone. They will be staying in Hawaii for at least the forseeable future. Sharon has a couple of classes to take before she actually finishes, and Ioelu has a couple more years. Darn. More trips to Hawaii for Mom and Dad.

The only disappointment with the wedding was that the flights were full from the mainland USA to Hawaii, and some of the family did not make it. Jimmy had to be back the Monday after the wedding for work, and Tony and Cathy needed to be back to work and school. Since the flights were so full (it took Dad 3 days to get there), they decided it was not worth the risk. It was a mutual consent, with the whole family, including Sharon, in the decision process. I believe it was a wise choice for them.

We all think Ioelu is a great guy and are proud to have him part of the family. He comes from a fairly large family, too, so he can appreciate having all the brothers and sisters. I think he will fit right in with all of us.

Sharon was in the June graduation, but still had to complete a couple of summer classes before actually graduating. She finished her BA in history in August of 2003. Now they are working on Ioelu getting his degree. They are still living on the North Shore of the island of Oahu. Ioelu is working at the apartment for their landlady, so they get a good break on the rent. That helps a lot, and she is pushing for him to finish school. They are team-teaching seminary, and are having a lot of fun with the students there.

Sharon started work at the Pearl Factory in the PCC, showing people where pearls come from and getting customers to choose a clam for their own pearl. It looks like a lot of fun. We have bought some there on other trips, and it is quite fun to get to open the pearl and see what's inside.

We got the word a little while from Sharon that she is really excited. But at the same time a little nervous. She found out that she is pregnant. Her doctor gave her a due date of sometime in August of 2004. We are all very excited for her, and look forward to the birth of a grandchild.

Sharon has now left her job at The Pearl Factory. She is being a stay at home mom-to-be. The doctor has changed the due date to September sometime.

Ioelu is working in construction in Laie. They just moved to an apartment on the beach. Darn. I guess I am going to have to go check out the apartment. Shouldn't take more than a couple of months to see if it is okay.

(May 2004) Good news!! Ioelu started back again at the PCC working full-time. The pay and benefits are better than the construction business, and it is probably a better working environment. At least is would not be as dirty. And it should be more fun being in the tourist entertainment business.

(Sept 2004) Great news!!!! Sharon had her little girl. She is a cutie (of course being Grandpa does not have any bearing on whether or not I think so) with long, thick black hair, dark brown eyes, and a light complexion. She looks like she got her skin coloring from her mother and her facial features from her father. Grandma and grandpa were here for the birth, which came a week late, and it looks like we will need to stay for another week. Darn! Have to spend another week in paradise. Anyway, here are some of the pictures. Grandma was very very sad to leave the islands and leave her new grand daughter behind.

(Oct 2005) Looks like I've been missing some of the important things in Sharon's page. Ioelu and Sharon were able to come to Idaho for Emma's graduation, and we had a good time with them there. We drove to West Yellowstone during one of the days they were here and we were not tied up with graduation stuff. It was a fun trip. We got some pictures of Ioelu and Sharon playing with Krisalyn in the snow. Sure glad it was warmer off the mountain.

They were also able to come for Jim and April's wedding. That was a fun time, too. Besides being in Memphis for the wedding and seeing the Elvis Presley stuff, we got to have them with us for a couple of days in Atlanta. We didn't do much, though. Just visited and enjoyed their company.

Now it seems like Sharon is pregnant again. Ioelu is hoping for a boy this time, but as yet no one in this life knows whether it is a boy or girl. She would be happy either way. All her life, her main objective was to get married and be a mother. And a good one she is, too.

(November 2005) We got the word tonight from Sharon. She is expecting a baby girl, due date sometime around 10 April 2006. Looks like Mom and Dad will be spending some of the spring in Hawaii again. Gee.

We wish them the best and hope for good health and good will for Sharon and Ioelu.

(April 2006) She really did it!!!     Sharon had a little girl on the 7th of April. She missed her own birthday by 1 hour and 45 minutes. Grandpa and Grandma took Sharon and Ioelu and Krisalyn out for dinner on Sharon's birthday (April 6th), and were happy that we chose to go to a place fairly close to the hospital. During dinner Sharon started having labor pains, and the baby was born in about 4 hours. We did not even have time to get Krisalyn to the family that was going to care for her. Krisalyn and Grandpa got to stay in the car and take a nap while all the excitement was happening.

I was hoping it would come on the 6th so Sharon and her daughter could share a birthday, but Sharon did not want that to happen. Maybe she delayed the birth. Hmmm. Is it possible?

Anyway, grandma and grandpa were glad they came earlier in the month of April, instead of waiting until just before the due date of the 10th. We would have missed the show. Now we get the chance to spoil the baby good before we go home (sometime around the end of April) and leave Mom and Dad to undo all the spoiling. Anyway, isn't that what grandparents are for?? You can see some of the pictures of the new baby, whose name is Kyra, by clicking here. She looks a lot like her big sister, with thick dark hair, dark brown eyes and a broad Samoan nose. The skin coloring is a lot like her Mom — not quite as dark as most polynesians.

(February 2007) Sharon and Ioelu were able to make it to Atlanta this year to spend Christmas with Mom and Dad. More on that can be found on the 'Family Information' page.

(May 2007) We got the news this month that Sharon is again pregnant. They are hoping for a boy child. It is a friendly contest with April and Jim as to who has the first boy in the family. We wish them the very best, and hope their dreams come to pass.

(June 2007) It looks like one thing that has been anticipated for some time is coming to pass. Ioelu is going to Samoa for an internship for his college major. And he gets to take the family with him. They are leaving the first part of July and getting back in late August, just in time for the semester to start. What an opportunity! The girls get to meet their dad's side of the family, finally. And Sharon gets to meet her in-laws. It is so exciting! It looks like Sharon will be teaching school part-time while she is there. That will be good experience for her, too. We wish them the best and hope they take lots and lots of pictures.

(September 2007) Sharon and Ioelu, along with the two daughters, are back in Hawaii. In speaking with them, I found that they had a good time, but it wasn't all that was expected. It seems Sharon was offered a job teaching at the school there, but when it was to happen she found out that she needed to have a work permit. There was not the time to get all the paperwork completed and the permit issued before they had to return to school, so that was a disappointment to them. They had been planning on the extra income, and had to cut short some of the expenses they were planning. Anyway, they had a good time, and got to meet the Samoan side of the family. The little girls really enjoyed it. Sharon said that Krisalyn was a little nervous at first, but at time to go home she was doing great. Kyra, on the other hand, thought it was great having another grandma and so many aunts and uncles to dote over her. Now they are back and settling in for the last semester of school.

One more semester, and graduation on the 15th of December. That's the same day as graduation from the University of Memphis. Darn. I guess I will have to let Mom go to Memphis and support April, and I will have to sacrifice and do December in Hawaii. Ioelu is now toying with the idea of continuing with his Master's in Political Science. That would mean a little more school, but may very well be worth it in the long haul.

Ioelu is all excited, too. When they went to the doctor for an ultrasound, they found the child they are expecting is a boy child. Ioelu has been wanting a boy for a while, but actually thinks the girls are great.

(February 2008) Finally catching up on all. Ioelu graduated from BYU-Hawaii on the 15th of December, 2007, and is actively seeking more gainful employment. He enjoys what he is doing, but the pay is horrible for the area. They are talking of moving to the mainland after the baby is born.

In January Mom and Dad got to go back to Hawaii for the birth of Sharon and Ioelu's baby boy. It was a good time, and we got to spend some time with Sean and Elena and Kate on this trip. That was a good thing. Ioelu and Sharon are still talking of moving to the mainland USA, but need to wait until after the first checkups for their baby. Should be around the middle or end of February, or the first part of March that they come.

(February 23) They made it. Ioelu and Sharon and the kids are now in Texas. They moved into our house, as the renter that was there was transferred to Arizona, and the house became available. They got in on Friday, 22 Feb 2008. Now it's time to find them some transportation (they left their car in Hawaii) and find some gainful employment for Ioelu. He has a couple of good leads already. Hopefully it will not take too long for him to be able to go to work.

I think it will be a good move for the family. It will make it a whole lot easier for Grandma and Grandpa to see the kids. We wish them the best, and know that whatever comes their way, they will be able to handle.

(9 July 2009) A lot has happened in the last year with the Memea family. Ioelu got a job in the mortgage banking industry in Dallas. It was a good job while it lasted. The problem was it was in the mortgage banking industry, and the industry went South in the fall. Without an income, they elected to move in with Mom and Dad in Georgia, and seek gainful employment here. We thankfully had room for them to come. The got here the first of November, and Mom is happy that someone is here. She does not like traveling and leaving me home alone, for some reason. >p />After interviewing extensively, mostly at places who wanted him to work for free or pay them for the privilege, he found work at Delta Airlines. So far it is part-time, but it helps a little. Delta hires mostly part-time and if they work out, puts them on full time after a few months. Hopefully he will be full time soon. He enjoys it a lot. It is good to have the kids in the house again, although it can be very frustrating at times.

Renée Jimmy