Anthony J Ransom

Anthony J Ransom blessed the Ransom household with his presence on the 26th day of August of 19??. He was born in Las Vegas, Nevada on the living room floor of a midwife. Tony's mom said it was the smoothest and easiest birth she had out of six. He was named Anthony J so that he could be called "AJ", a theory that his mother immediately vetoed. And, as the saying goes, when mamma's not happy, ain't nobody happy. The notion to call him AJ sort of disappeared with the morning mist (in the Nevada desert).

Tony, much like his next older brother, spent many an hour asleep on a pool table in his parents video arcade and pool room. He was quite more active, though, and his parents were afraid he would fall off the table, so he spent more time in a playpen or on the floor on a blanket.

Tony started his school career at in West Valley City. When he was in the first grade, his parents were transferred to Dallas and he began the first grade in Keller, Texas. The schools in Texas were quite a bit more advanced in teaching than the schools in the Salt Lake City area, so we had quite long conferences with teachers and school officials. It was decided by the teachers and Tony's parents that it would probably do him more harm than good to have to return to kindergarten. The teacher agreed to spend some extra time with him to get him up to the level of study that the class was learning. She did a good job, and by the middle of the year, Tony was up to speed with the rest of the class. He is a very quick learner, and that helped him throughout the rest of his education.

During the third grade the family purchased a home and moved to Irving Texas and Tony started at Thomas Haley Elementary, about two blocks from the house. He did good there, and went on to Sam Houston Middle School. In middle school he decided to be in the band, and decided he wanted to play the trombone.

Tony is one blessed with musical ability, so the trombone came very easy for him. He continued to play in the symphonic and marching bands through high school.

At Houston Middle School, Tony was asked to participate in a system-wide math/science test, and came in first place in the science testing. That was quite an honor. He was appointed to the Junior National Honor Society.

Tony started high school at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas. During his sophomore year, the family moved to the Denton, Texas area, so he finished his last two years at Denton High School, where he was a drum major in the marching band. He also sang tenor, so the choir director asked him to be in the Denton High School Chorale. During his senior year, the chorale went on a concert and learning tour to England and Scotland. It was a very memorable trip for Tony, and one he enjoyed very much.

On graduating from high school, he enrolled in the University of North Texas. There he was in the men's chorus and in the brass choir, continuing his musical abilities.

Tony is now enrolled in an Electronics Engineering course at DeVry University located in Irving, Texas. He is doing quite well in his studies. Tony is a lifetime member of Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, selected while at UNT. He is also a member of the Jack David Arnold Honors Program at DeVry University and is a member of IEEE.

Tony became engaged to be married at Christmas of 2001, and was married on the 29th of June 2002. His bride, Cathy, is a sweet young lady he met a few years ago at a young adult Church dance. We are glad to have her a part of the family.

Cathy graduated from an acting academy and has some resumes out to do something she enjoys. We hope to see her name in lights in the near future. In the meantime she is working at whatever she can get to help with the expenses.

Tony and Cathy are currently living in Dallas, Texas while he is attending DeVry. He has a little over one more year to get his degree. He has a job tutoring at the university. It's one of those jobs where he gets paid to be there whether or not anyone needs tutoring. He gets lots of time to do his homework while waiting for those needing help.

We got the word on Tony's school. He will be graduating on 24 of Oct 2004 from DeVry University. He will have a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

He is now seeking employment and further education for after graduating. He has some good leads, and we are hoping the one of them will actually bear fruit. At this time the most promising education lead for Masters degree in Electrical Engineering will be the University of Oklahoma.

(October 2004) He really made it. Graduation was held on 24 of October 2004 on the campus of the University of Texas at Arlington. A couple of weeks before graduation, he did some interviews for employment. It looks like he will be going to the Houston, Texas area. He accepted employment with a company that does oil well support. It is an industry that looks like it will be here for a while, and they made him a decent offer. His mom and I went with him to Houston to look for apartments, and spoke with several people with his prospective employer. Everyone in the area had good things to say about it. They treat their employees well, and treat the community well. They also told Tony that they would help him get his masters's in Electrical Engineering. We all wish him and Cathy well in their new endeavor. For graduation photos, click here.

(November 2004) We just got word from Tony that he is leaving his employment. He was offered other employment with a major computer firm. He will get a healthy raise and be doing what he really wants to do, be an engineer building computer network servers. They also said they would help him get his master's in electronic engineering, and besides the raise, it seems the benefits are better. He will start with them, also in the Houston area, at the beginning of January. Such a deal! Work for a company for a couple of weeks and be offered a promotion to go somewhere else. If only we could all be so lucky.

(August 2006) It looks like Tony and Cathy have decided to stay for a while in Texas. They have bought a home in the Houston area. Mom was there at the end of July, and reported that it was a really nice home in a nice area. We are happy for them. It's good to see them get out of the apartment and into a home of their own. They have been wanting one since they moved to Houston.

(September 2007) It been noted to me that I need to update Tony and Cathy's page. They are still happy in Houston, so nothing much has changed. I may add, though, that Cathy and Tony are involved in the community theater. Cathy studied acting, so she is performing. Tony is doing some of the technical work, such as lighting and sound. It keeps them both busy, and they enjoy doing it.

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