We have lost a great friend.

On December 5th we woke up about 6:00 am to find that our Pooph had gone on to Doggie Heaven.

He loved sleeping on the foot of our bed. If one of us got into bed before the other spouse, he would guard the pillow of the last one, then move to the foot. On the night of the 4th, he crawled under the covers between us, and laid there until we went to sleep. We woke up to find his body in his customary place at the foot of the bed.

In the short time we had the privilege of having Pooph in our home, he became as one of the family. Everyone who came in contact with him was immediately affected by his loving nature and welcome smile. Contrary to most Pomeranians I know, he was very friendly and patient around other people, even children, and instead of barking and nipping at them, would just go away from them if they were pestering too much. He did like to let everyone know he was there, though, barking and barking until we told him to stop, or until he got the attention he was seeking.

Pooph loved taking baths and looking good. As long as I would tell him how pretty he was, he would smile and let me brush his coat. (Yes, dogs do smile.) After his bath, he felt so good he wanted to run and play. Unfortunately, we could not play for long at a time. He was quite mature when we got him. The vet guessed about 8-10 years old, making him about 60 in human years. That's about the time most of us need to slow down,

On our walks, he loved chasing squirrels, birds and cats. I kept reminding him that he would not know what to do with them if he caught them, but he wanted to chase them anyway.

He always enjoyed going for rides with us. It did not matter where we went, or how long it was, he was happy. The only exception was when we went to the vet, then when we got in the parking lot, Pooph would let us know he was unhappy to be there.

Now we have lost a great friend. He has gone where he can chase squirrels to his heart's content, and maybe even catch one. Good-by, Pooph. We love you. We hope to be with you again some day. Hopefully, not too soon.

Stay tuned for pictures. They will load in about a minute.